The Code of Ethics

Iren Group’s Code of Ethics, approved by Board of Director on December 20th 2017, defines ethic values and Company’s responsibilities.

It defines the conduct standards for all employees in internal and external relationships, and represents the cornerstone of the organisational model that aims to prevent the crimes take into consideration by Italian Legislative Decree 231/2001. Compliance with the content of the Code of Ethics by all people operating on behalf of Iren is of fundamental importance for the smooth operation, reliability and reputation of the Group.

Mandatory acceptance of the Code of Ethics is required by all suppliers from the offer stage, without the possibility of exceptions or amendments.

Iren’s Corporate Social Responsibility and Local Committees Department have the task of promoting the knowledge, dissemination, updating and ensuring the interpretation of the provisions of the Code of Ethics. The Department receives reports of violation and assesses the possible opening of a proceeding.

Iren ensures the verification of each notice of violation of the Code of Ethics, received pursuant to the methods and channels specified by the Code, the assessment of the facts and the application of appropriate sanctions in case of ascertained breaches.

The Code of Ethics is available on the company website and Intranet.

Iren Code of Ethics