We provide the integrated water service to 2.8 million people  in the provinces of Genoa, Savona, La Spezia, Parma, Piacenza, Reggio Emilia and Vercelli and in other provinces of northern Italy for a total of more than  242 Municipalities.

Through a network of water mains running approximately  19.870 kilometres, we distribute almost  290.470 million cubic metres of water  every year, from various sources.

These huge figures also mean ever-increasing attention to testing and quality. This is why our laboratories perform analyses every year on more than 56,000 samples collected at the catchment sources, treatment plants, drinking water plants and at the most significant points located along the distribution network.

However, we do not manage only drinking water.

We also control  11.107 km of sewer systems and 1,341 waste water treatment plants, of various dimensions, ensuring high-efficiency treatment, with technology adapted to the specific needs of the territory in which the plants are located.