Iren is still ranking at the top of the CDP world ranking

Iren stands out worldwide for its leadership in corporate sustainability, according to the CDP's reports. CDP is an independent non-profit organisation that collects, analyses and disseminates data on the environmental performance of companies, cities, states and regions.

In fact, Iren has been awarded the highest recognition (A-List) for the actions and strategies put in place to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, mitigate climate change and develop a low-carbon economy, based on data reported by the company through the CDP Climate Change 2020 questionnaire.

Based on the score assigned by CDP, Iren is one of the 8 Italian companies and 270 companies worldwide ranking in the A-List for environmental performance to mitigate climate change.

Thousands of companies participate in the CDP annual survey on greenhouse gas emissions and analyse the risks and opportunities related to climate change. CDP holds the largest international database on climate change management policies implemented by the world's leading companies. In 2020, more than 515 investors with more than $106 trillion in assets and more than 150 large buyers with more than $4 trillion in procurement expenses asked companies to disclose data on environmental impact, risks and opportunities through the CDP platform and more than 9,600 responded - the highest number ever recorded.

"Sustainability" says Moris Ferretti, Vice Chairman of Iren "is confirmed as a strategic pillar of the Group's industrial plan up to 2025 and a good 2.2 billion euros in investments out of a total of 3.7 billion euros included in the plan will be dedicated to them. We want to strengthen our leadership in sustainability by developing a multi-cycle economy, extending the concept of the circular economy to the multi-business nature of the Group and base it on our long-term industrial vision focused on the conscious and efficient use of resources".

We congratulate all the companies that ranked in our A-List" said Paul Simpson, CDP's CEO "Being a leader in transparency and environmental action is one of the most important steps that companies can take, and it is even more significant this year, due to the COVID-19 emergency. The risks for businesses deriving from climate change, deforestation and water uncertainty is enormous and we know the opportunities for action that far outweigh the risks of inaction. Private sector leadership will create a "vicious circle" for stronger government action and make global ambitions for a sustainable zero-emission economy a reality. Our A-list of companies rewards companies that are preparing to excel in the economy of the future by acting today."